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Customer Testimonials

     I can't imagine anyone that's serious about marketing on the Internet not owning The Classified Connection.

Thomas Olin
Higher Ground Marketing - Santa Cruz, Ca., USA

     I have been using The Classified Connection for about two years now and it keeps getting better and better.  The latest version offers Absolute "Raw Power and Control" over free internet advertising. It's the most specialized submission software of its kind. Get it!

Sean Morry
Vancouver, BC Canada

     The Classified Connection increased my responses and exposure for my business dramatically. I've purchased other systems in the past that did nothing for me. The Classified Connection is the best I've ever used!! It is definitely worth the cost. I think that it's great that you can use the Classified Connection month after month. It has really helped my business along with my other Internet resources as well! Thanks!

Travis G.


As we’ve already stated posting ads manually simply takes too much time but why should you use our easy classified ad poster.  Here are a few good reasons to use The Classified Connection:

1.) Real Exposure

Promotion into free websites is what our easy ad poster is designed to do. Place your ad into thousands of free online classifieds.  Use our classified ad poster to promote your opportunity, products, or services on thousands of free classified websites. The Classified Connection was developed exclusively for entrepreneurs and businesses that want promotion of their websites on thousands of classifieds that accept free ads.

2.) Fast Submissions

As we stated earlier "Time is Money".  Posting ads by hand is simply unacceptable.  Why would you submit ads by hand when you could use our simple and easy ad poster?  It will pay for itself with your first posting in time saved alone.  We place the ad for you.  It's as simple as that! If you have an opportunity, product, or service on your website, you can have The Classified Connection advertising your item to millions of potential prospects within minutes.

3.) No Continual Expenses

Classified ad posting technology is constantly advancing.  Once you own your copy of The Classified Connection you can use it for years to come.  Each software update is FREE and the more advanced our posting technology evolves it’s always free to you.  We have customers that have used The Classified Connection for the past 10 years.

4.) 100 % SPAM-FREE

Post your ads regularly with the peace of mind that our ad poster will not use your ISP's mail servers to submit your websites information. The software uses the power of the internet and your personal PC or MAC running ANY version of Windows to operate the software and deliver your opportunity, product, or service promotion to free classified websites. There's no more need to purchase additional services, switch ISP's, buy e-mail lists, or conceal your identity, just to get free exposure for your website.

6.) Why a Free Classified Website? - "One Powerful Marketing Medium"

Placing small ads is a very powerful form of promotion, period. These sites have REAL customers looking to buy. These ads can be used in a multitude of ways and can be a powerful internet marketing resource. Classified marketing has been, and continues to be, one of the most effective forms of marketing available. Many savvy entrepreneurs have made fortunes "overnight" using classified advertising.

It's time to get your copy of our ad poster and get onboard. It's the easiest, simplest, effective, and most reliable submission software in the world. A new era of online advertising has arrived and it's as simple as 1, 2, 3.... Visit our registration center for your free trial.